Geozone implements the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) process for developers who are required to undergo EIAs for scheduled processes and listed activities.

We are also an independent consultancy for a number of EIAs and have contributed to EIAs in terms of Environmental Management Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Health Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Manuals.

Environmental Evaluations

Environmental legislation and regulations in South Africa demand that companies provide evidence of sound environmental practice. The South African government has included environmental issues in the Constitution, and has thereby provided an opportunity for people to pursue environmental matters in the public interest in a court of law. A consequence of non-compliance with legislation could be the risk of environmental pollution or degradation and subsequent financial loss, due to clean-up processes, loss of asset value and penalties for the polluter. To protect the environment and to minimize risk, Geozone undertakes environmental evaluations for organisations.

The goal of the environmental aims to identify the environmental impacts of each process and activity undertaken within an organisation, as well as legislation relevant to the activities and processes.

Activities undertaken are investigated to establish their potential for environmental impact. Environmental impact is graded and those requiring mitigation measures are prioritised in order to develop manuals for their management and control.

Health, Safety and Environmental Auditing and Compliance Monitoring

Geozone provides industry and business with an auditing and compliance monitoring service to establish conformance with internal company standards as well as external legal requirements.

Facilitation of the Public Participation Process for Environmental Impact Assessments 

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process provides for the registration of interested and affected parties, who attend meetings regarding the proposed development. Geozone offers facilitation of the registration of interested and affected parties, and thereafter facilitation of public participation meetings.

Monitoring Committee Meetings

Environmental law in South Africa makes provision for monitoring committee meetings to be formed when members of the public feel that a company’s processes and/or activities are impacting on the environment. Geozone provides a service to facilitate and chair these monitoring committee meetings.

An EIA is a process of examining the environmental effects of a development. An independent EIA assessment consultant has an important role to play in preparing environmental documents for environmental authorities and the public. The EIA document aims to:

  • Provide the applicant, business and industry, NGOs, the public, labour organisations and the authorities on national, provincial or local government level with a uniform basis for implementing sections 21, 22 and 26 of the Environment Conservation
    Act, 1989;
  • Provide background information regarding the legislation controlling environmentally harmful activities;
  • Assist applicants with the preparation, completion and submission of applications and required environmental and report(s); and assist authorities in determining their roles and responsibilities as decision-makers.