Geozone is an approved inspection authority (AIA), offering occupational hygiene services to industries throughout South Africa since 1991.

We are involved in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of occupational health hazards. The Occupational Health and Safety Act places the onus on employers to ensure that the working environment is safe and without risks to the health of their employees.

In order to accomplish this, employers must, through the services of a competent person, assess the exposure of their employees to hazardous environmental conditions in the workplace.

Where this assessment indicates an on-going risk from exposure, they must measure that exposure, compare the results with prescribed standards and implement the steps that are needed to comply with the provisions of the Act. This process which is known as monitoring must be performed or verified by an Approved Inspection Authority.

In addition, the services that we offer are not limited to occupational hygiene as we have an extremely versatile portfolio.  We are also a consultant for a number of EIAs and have also contributed to Environmental Management Plans. Through Geozone, you can upskill yourself and register for various occupational health, safety and environmental programme courses. Rest assured, we are market leaders in our various fields of expertise.